04.29.2017 – Royal Fund (Not Paying)

04.29.2017 – Royal Fund (Not Paying)


During the first days of its existence Royal-Fund.com was one of the fastest growing HYIP’s on the web. I registered at their site on 04.26.2017 and made a small deposit to test it.



On 04.28.2017 I requested a withdrawal via Bitcoin which is still pending. No signs that they will send the request to the blockchain.  I will cancel the withdrawal request during the next few hours to send a new one.  But let’s be honest….This won’t change anything.

This is a little bit surprising to me because most HYIP monitors which I follow still have the Royal-Fund.com website on a paying status.

The lesson here: Do not blindly trust HYIP monitoring websites.




Don’t expect this site to pay you. It looks like this is  SCAM.



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