04.30.2017 – Millenium Bot (Not Paying)

04.30.2017 – Millenium Bot (Not Paying)


MilleniumBot is another Telegram bot that promises daily profits.  I registered an account on 04.24.2017. Since then the bot did his work well. My balance increased every day by about 3%.



It’s time to test if Millenium bot sends the money from the balance to my account. To start the transaction go to the telegram channel of the bot (@millenium_life_bot) click >Income< and then >Withdrawal< .

Next, you can choose between different payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer or Advcash.  In the next step choose how much you would like to take away from the balance.


Everything is in Dollar here. I decide to do a test transaction with 2$ via the Bitcoin blockchain. MilleniumBot already knows my Bitcoin address and is ready to go.


Now let’s check the blockchain. How long does it take until Millenium bot sends the money to the Bitcoin network?


Update at 08:00 CET:

7 hours late the transaction still isn’t on the blockchain. The status of the request is still “processing”. Looks like Millenium Bot has paying problems. We will check it again tomorrow


Update 05.01.2017:

MilleniumBot obviously has paying problems. My withdrawal request still has pending status.



More information:

MilleniumBot  website: https://millenium.life

MilleniumBot Telegram channel https://telegram.me/millenium_life_bot



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