05.04.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

05.04.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)


I registered at Cmetrades.com on 04.26.2017 and made a deposit. I think this site will have a longer living span than the usual HYIP’s.


Today I requested my first withdrawal via Bitcoin at 13:41 CET.



After pressing the >Request< button  you have to confirm the transaction one more time

And that’s it. Super easy as always. But here the paying process is not instant. Cmetrades tells us that it lasts up to 24 hours until the request is through. So let’s wait and see. I will update this post as soon the money is on my wallet.


Update 05.05.2017:

It takes some time, but Cmetrade pays out. Here is the blockchain transaction:


Status 05.05.2017: 

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