05.05.2017 – Betrobot (Withdrawal)

05.05.2017 – Betrobot (Withdrawal)


Betrobot works very smooth. The community is growing like wild, now big players are jumping on board. Simon Stepsys, for example, is promoting the program like mad. This guy alone brings in hundrets of new investors.

Betrobot now has:
+27000 active investors
+7800 Bitcoins invested


Let’s claim another profit. In the Telegram channel I click on >Auszahlung<, next I have to type in my Bitcoin address and type “/out 0.01” to request the profit.  As you can see in the console, this happened at 11:23 CET


When will the money arrive? Normally it takes Betrobot about 20 minutes to take the transaction to the Bitcoin network.  You can check the blockchain by yourself at


Let’s hope Betrobot still have a few days to live. Up to know everything looks perfect. But as experienced HYIP investors know this could be a dangerous sign. Don’t believe this surebet story, this is just another Ponzi scheme HYIP. And as we learned (with pain), they can die at any moment.

Life is hard….so lets enjoy the party as long as the status is green:

Status 05.05.2017:




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