05.10.2017 – USDProfit (Paying)

05.10.2017 – USDProfit (Paying)

I registered at USDProfit on 05.09.2017. I made two deposits: 10 $ via Payeer and 0.01 Bitcoin.  I was quite confident that the site will pay, because monitors show green lights.

Again I have to learn a lesson.  I requested my Bitcoin deposit back in the morning. A few hours later the request was deleted. I opened another one but it is still pending

Update 05.11.2017:
The  Payeer transaction arrived in the morning, about 9 hours later. But the Bitcoin transaction is still pending. So you can decide by yourself ? Paying or not paying? I leave the status on not paying until the Bitcoins are on my wallet.

Update 05.12.2027
I wrote a email to the support. They told me that first I need to invest  my Bitcoins before I can withdraw back to my wallet.  I invested them in the 125% after one day plan. Afterward, my Bitcoins were transferred back home.

USDprofit paid me out and I have to switch the status to “Paying”. I even think about investing in the 7% per day plan now. The site is amazing ugly and the hole technology is behind. Payings take about 12 hours. But this is not a beauty contest. Their program seems to work since a long time and that’s the only interesting point for investors.



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