05.11.2017 – Hourpower (Paying)

05.11.2017 – Hourpower (Paying)


There are still a few Dollars on the balance. Lets bring them home.  Request Time is 00:31 CET 


The money is on the blockchain instantly. But this is probably my last payout from Hourpower. The site is so stupidly slow.

Small tip:
The site is rounding up earings if they are above 0.005 and down if the earnings are below 0.005. For example if you invest 6$ in the 1,48$ plan your hourly earning normally would be 0.0888$. Hourpower makes 0.09 out of it. This is the only site I know which does that. So if you always invest 6$ deposits maybe you will have a small advantage. But since you cant reinvest  the profit will be very small.  Here is a quick screenshot:


Status 05.11.2017:

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