05.23.2017 – Betrobot (Problem)

05.23.2017 – Betrobot (Problem)

A few days ago Betrobot started to get some problems. First I recognized that the reinvestment procedure took longer and longer.  Reinvestments appeared as active deposit after one hour or even later. Profits appeared on the balance later and later.  Usually they were added to the balance exactly at 03:00, 07:00, 11:00, 15:00, 19:00 and 23:00 CET.  Also payouts took some time to get on the blockchain. Normally withdrawal request arrived there almost instantly.

These all were signs that Betrobot got some technical problems. Maybe its just because of the slow Bitcoin transaction network these days. Maybe Betrobot is just over its capacity because of the extreme growing rate. But as HYIP investors we have to think realistic. No blind hope. These could be the first signs that the ponzi scheme is coming to its end. Yesterday the Betrobot admins increased the minimum payout from 0.01 to 0.5. They argued that thousands of small profit withdrawals collapsed the payout routine. They promised that this is just a temporary step to ensure the continuation of the program.

Today they brought out the following statement:

Good morning community.Like you noticed our bot was really slow yesterday because there were so many people trying to withdraw tiny amounts which makes everything slow. When many user withdraw every time they reached the 0.01 btc we have such a big amount of waiting withdraws and nobody is happy with that. BetRobot is for real investors who understand what this business means. Who aren’t scared because they could loose 20$. We have many people making much money so be one of them! Make money! Don’t be scared.
And don’t forget we are the biggest bot at the moment with more than 100.000 investors.
You are part of a huge bot known all over the world. You can earn much money and that’s what makes us proud. Maybe some of you can now buy the notebook they wanted since a few years or you can pay your debts.
Please careful with us, with the bot. We are one big family.And for the one who really understand how BetRobot works we have a new rule that everything works fast again:
minimum invest: 0,03 BTC
Minimum withdraw: 0,05 BTC
Minimum reinvest: 0,02 BTC
And by the way in our offline business, the Surebets, the mimimum Invest is 10k.
Now it’s real business here. You can earn lots of money if you want.Have much fun with the bot!
Your support and mister x


To me, that smells like death is in the air.  First, the minimum withdrawal was increased to 0.05 and not as promised decreased back to 0.01 BTC. They also increased the minimum invest from 0.02 to 0.03 BTC.

Then this whole big family story is pure garbage. In this business, there are no friends, just enemies. HYIPS have to deliver and nothing else. They need to pay out according to the rules, everything else doesn’t matter. Changing the payout rules is the biggest trust killer in this biz.  That’s why more and more people will lose their blind faith in Betrobot.

Until now Betrobot still pays out. But I think his days are counted now. There is only one thing for sure: A lot of people will get scammed, its  only a matter of time. Don’t be one of them.


Status 05.23.2017


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