05.23.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

05.23.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

Today I requested another withdrawal to my Payeer account. Time is 11:54 CET. You can find the screenshots of the Cryptobalance withdrawal procedure below:

After this, I got an email that the request is in the system. Now we have to wait until the transaction is beeing processed. As we already experienced, with Cryptobalance this can take some time.  The last one took about 9 hours.

At 19:20 CET I got an email that the money has been sent.  The Payeer account verifies that.  This time the withdrawal took about 7hours and 20 minutes.


Cryptobalance is a trusted payer, at least for small profits. Let’s hope this remains for a while.

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