05.23.2017 Zooo (Not Paying)

05.23.2017 Zooo (Not Paying)


Yesterday Zooo.cc went offline. The site disappeared from one minute to another, and so did their facebook page. There are rumors that the site was hacked. But honestly, this looks like the classic  -the admins took the deposits and ran away-   HYIP scheme.

This is quite shocking to me. Zooo was considered as one of the most stable high yield programs out there.  It was online for about 840 days.  A lot of HYIP monitoring sites ranked Zooo on top of their lists.

For me, this is quite a pain because I only had a few more days to cash in two premium plans.  That really hurts.

Well, it looks like Fortuna isn’t on my site.

Update 05.24.2017:
A friend showed me this new facebook page. They claim to be the real Zooo.cc admins and tell us the old hacking story.  Your can find it >here <


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