05.24.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

05.24.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

Yesterday morning I had a bad feeling about Betrobot. The technical problems increased step by step and I forecasted, that the project will go down soon.

A few hours later the bot went offline. The admins claim that they can’t find the problem. They will work all day long to locate the error and give us a statement in the evening.



Here are the original admin updates from the Betrobot News Channel:

BetRobot News, [23.05.17 19:17]
Hello BetRobot Community!As you surely recognised we’re lately facing some problems with investment and withdrawals.Our team is on it. But our scripters can’t find any DDOS attacks or anything similar.We’re awfully sorry for all the circumstances we may have caused, and are working eagerly on a fast solution!Please, stay calmed and focus on your trust. We did it trough many hard times in the past. And we will handle this to. Together, as a community.
Your SupportTeam

BetRobot News, [24.05.17 08:42]
Our Scripter thinks that they know the problem. Now they have to be sure about it and fix it!
Please understand that this takes time. But I think we can explain you in 6-12 hours what’s going on here.Please stay calm. So many people got so much money, we are not a normal hyip or scam. But even the best trouble sometimes!
Your support and mister x



I wouldn’t say it is absolutely impossible that Betrobot will come back. But chances are very low. In this business, when trust is destroyed it’s very difficult to stop a panic. Even if Betrobot goes online again, everybody will try to withdraw his money. Thats the end of every ponzi scheme.

We had a good time with Betrobot.

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