05.24.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

05.24.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

Dear readers,
It’s ten days since I showed you the last profit withdrawal from Cmetrades.  I had the “2,1% Daily for 20 Days Plan” which ran out a few days ago. I have to tell you that the deposit was given back after the 20 days exactly as they promise on their site. But keep in mind this is only a very small deposit.

I subscribed to a new “2.1% For 20 Days” plan. Now it’s time to do another withdrawal request. Again, I will do a small test amount. The procedure only takes 3 clicks. Request time is 11.14 CET. Cmetrades will take a 0.0001 btc fee for any withdrawal amount, which sounds quite fair to me.


The second window asks to confirm the request.

And it’s finished.  The site informs that it can take up to 24 hours until the transaction is processed. So let’s stay chilled.


Update 05.25.2017:
Today in the morning I received an email that the money has been transferred. Checking the blockchains confirms the transaction. It’s 6:29 CET. So the withdrawal took about 18 hours.


Last time I told you, that there are comments on the web, that Cmetrades only pays out small profit amounts. A Cashranker.com blog reader emailed me, that he had the same experience. He invested in a bigger “after plan” which already expired. But now Cmetrades refuses to withdraw all of the profit at once. Instead, only 20$ per day can be requested.

Thanks a lot for this report.


Status 05.25.2017:

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