05.25.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

05.25.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

As we discussed here on the blog, Betrobot went offline yesterday.  The support team claims that they are working hard to restore the program. But until now there was no progress, Betrobot is still offline.

This is the message which I received at night from Betrobot:


Quite funny.  Today in the morning I checked again and now all my investments and my balance has gone.  Not such a good sign. The admins left us a message that we should wait


Again, I would be very surprised if Betrobot is coming back.  This is the typical  “more excuses to win time” game which all the scammers are playing.  We know this behavior from professional thieves. By the way, the Zooo admins seem to play the same trick, they even try to persuade the scammed users to put more money into their pockets. (read more here)

At least Simons Stepsys, the huge Betrobot promoter, still believes in the project. Good to know.



Update 12.27 CET:
Betrobot is online again but all the reinvestments are gone. The admins told some hocus-pocus hacker story in their official statement. The simple truth is they couldn’t pay out because of the exponential growth of the reinvests. That’s the pure reality of every ponzi scheme.

They found an elegant solution. Now everything is set to zero and they will try to scam people for 3 more months. Second round of the game just started, but Betrobot one is dead.  Status remains “not paying”.


Update 23:27 CET:
Since a few hours, Betrobot is offline again. Balance and reinvests disappeared forever.




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