05.25.2017 – Vixice (Registration)

05.25.2017 – Vixice (Registration)


I have to show you this beautiful site: It’s called Vixice.com and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The project claims that it is in the cryptocurrencies mining industry but it doesn’t take much of a brain to recognize that this is just another ponzi scheme in the HYIP business.

But the site really deserves attention for the design and the special concept. The idea is that you buy  GH/s which can be distributed to mine different cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin, Ehterium, Litcoin, Doge and Dash are available.

I registered a few days ago. I haven’t done withdrawal tests because I only reinvested the profits in new GH/s. So up to know I can’t tell you if the site pays out. According to some Hyip monitoring sites, they do.

Register and get 100 GH/s for free. Test the site and be astonished, but keep in mind that profit withdrawals are available after reaching Level 2 which is 1000GH/s. I believe this would match a 10$ deposit/balance.


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