05.25.2017 – Zooo (Not Paying)

05.25.2017 – Zooo (Not Paying)


The Zooo.cc scamming affair gets even more wired. Yesterday  I showed you the Facebook page where someone claims to be the real Zooo admin. >here <

Now there is a new statement on the site:

Let’s begin with the Good News
# We recovered the website’s data and we can access to each users’s account which means the Emails are not necessary now
# We could locate the Address of the hackers and we are going to make a complaint against them (A Team from Algeria called “DZ Mafia-Hackers” from “Ouled Yaich, Blida”)
# All their attempts to steal your investments failed as we had a high security system for money transfer

The bad News are
# Our programmers can access to each user’s account but the data was highly damaged and it will take a long of time to get some simple informations like “how much you invested” (Estimation: For 1000 Users it may take months to get this simple information)
# Our Trading Platform and all our Winning Strategies were damaged which means we did not made any profit since the website was taken down and we can’t make profit now until we install a new platform with new winning strategies

Our Decisions
After a meeting between “Admin, Support Team, Programmers, Web Developers and some Guests” we decided the following
# First, We can’t move your investment from your accounts now. It should stay there until we transfer it and resume our work
# We are going to make a New website with a unique investment plan and only users who make one investment in this plan will have access to this New Website
# For security reasons (Example: Advertising our New Website in fake pages) it’s not allowed to ask about it or to share it in Public Pages but you can share it with people you know in real life
# The unique plan will be the “New Safe Premium Plan” and the first deposit should be processed here before extracting your account’s data by the programmers
# After investing in the NSPP all your previous investment will be calculated by the programmers and transfered to your account balance which will take about 48 hours
# Every withdrawal request in the New Website will be processed within 24 hours
# Users who can’t afford it to transfer their accounts to the New Website should wait until the Refund is available
# More informations on the NSPP will be available in our Next Update


Wow, this is really cruel. You need to pay more to get your initial deposit back. They are playing with the scammed users and treat them like total idiots.  As you can read in the comments, some of the users lost their hole money. A lot of them seem to come from poor countries where they desperately try to get out of their daily mess. Now they lost everything.
There is an important lesson to learn: This business is reckless.

Update 05.25.2017:
Another hilarious message is out. Now it’s clear that this is just another fake admin.

New Safe Premium Plan is available now
About the NSPP
# As we explained in our previous Update, by investing one time in the NSPP we will transfer your account’s data to the New Website. This will take about 48 hours
# Your Account’s details, Investments and profit will go to your Account Balance in the New Website where you can withdraw them within 24 hours
# Your investment for the NSPP will also generate daily profit wich will be 2.4% for 60 days
Important Rules (NSPP)
# Minimum/Maximum investment is 150$/2000$
# For security reasons (Example: Advertising our New Website in fake pages) it’s not allowed to ask about the Website before confirming a request for the NSPP. It’s not allowed to share it in Public Pages , but you can share it with people you know and trust in real life
# Users who can’t afford it to apply for the NSPP should wait for the refund update which will be in 6 weeks exactly and it will be without fees
How to make a Request for the NSPP
# To make a request for the NSPP send the message #Ticket in a comment here or in a private message.
# You’ll receive a Ticket Number that can be used to open a request for the NSPP
# Remember that each ticket number can be used one time only and you can’t ask for a second ticket
# Make sure you understood well how this will work, otherwise you can ask questions to our Support Team


I am totally speechless.

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