05.27.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

05.27.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

Yesterday evening the Cyptobalance site was offline for a few hours.  After that, I was unable to login to my account anymore. I contacted the support, they replied quickly but the problem still remains. Now 24 hours are gone and I still can’t login to my account.  Is Cryptobalance already scamming?


I will keep you up to date if I get any news.

Update 22:18
The support solved my login problem. I will do a new withdrawal test soon.

Update 23:59
Lets do the profit withdrawal.  Time of the request is 23:59.  Again, I use Payeer. Bitcoin is just too expensive these days.



I need to confirm with one more button.

An email informs me, that the withdrawal request has been saved in their system. As always, we will have to wait a few hours until the money is transferred.

Update 05.28.2017:
In the morning at 8:02 CET I got an email from Payeer, that the money arrived.  The transaction took about 8 hours.


Everything is cozy when the HYIP is paying out.Then it’s fun playing this game. But we went through some very hard times during last weeks. And I can promise you, it’s only a matter of time until this HYIP will die too. So let’s enjoy the good times. At least for a short period.


Status 05.28.2017

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