05.29.2017 – Gcprofits (Paying)

05.29.2017 – Gcprofits (Paying)

During the last weeks Gcprofits increased the minimum deposit from 15$ to 20$ and finally to 25$.  They announced that the minimum deposit will further be increased. Usually, it’s not a good sign when plans are beeing changed. Is Gcprofits coming to its end?

I have the 8.5% for 14 days plan. Over the last few days I pressed the reinvest button hard to get my deposit growing. But I think the time is coming to reduce the risk. Lets check if Gcprofits still pays out.

Time of the request is 9:44 CET. Here are the screenshots of the Gcprofits website:


Lets press the confirm button and hope that Gcprofits will not let me down.

The transaction is on the blockchain immediately. Thank you guys.


Gcprofits wrote in the last newsletter, that a group extorts them to pay a high ransom amount, otherwise they will spread the news that the program is not paying out some of the investors. Yes, I found comments on the web, that users were not paid by Gcprofits. There are two possibilities: First Gcprofits is telling the truth and this group is spreading wrong rumors. Second: Gcprofits isn’t paying out to some investors and invented this false story to calm down their users.

Well, I have to say, Gcprofits always paid me. No problems up to now. But so far I only requested small amounts


Status 05.29.2017: 

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