06.01.2017 – GlobalCryptobot (Registration)

06.01.2017 – GlobalCryptobot (Registration)

Today Globalcryptobot went online.  This is the next Telegram bot in an endless series of HYIPs which came out during the last few month. Everything started with Lara in late 2016.  Readers of our blog were able to witness the death of many similar projects, beginning with  Millenium Bot, Ripple Bot and finally Betrobot.

Most of the Telegram bots are only paying out for a few days or weeks before they disappear. They are unable to reach the break-even point (BEP). Among those short living Telegram bots, Betrobot was considered to be very successful because it was online for 3 months. It attracted thousands of investors spending millions of Dollars and started a religious-like movement in its fan community. According to some big HYIP promoters, Globalcryptobot has a similar potential. There are rumors that some big promoters are onboard. Indeed, there was a big marketing wave in the prelaunch phase. Again, Simon Stepsys is onboard. But after leading hundreds of his fans into ruin with Betrobot, there may be only few victim “investors” left.


Is Globalcryptobot destined to be the successor of Betrobot?
I doubt that.

I don’t think that a large number of first-day investors is an advantage. Ponzi schemes need a steady and continuous growth to keep on going. Only new victim “investors” can pay the profits of the older ones. Imagine that thousands of starting investors want to get paid from the first day on. Who will pay their profits after 25 days?

I personally don’t like the 4% plan with minimum 0.04 BTC  payout. It takes 25 days to reach the break-even point, which is quite long. Only 15 days are left for generating profits. The 0.04 BTC withdrawal limit is too high for smaller “investors”.  The “let’s try it” effect will stay away. Without smaller investors, it will be very difficult for the project to survive more than 25 days.

I think the Bitcoin price plays an important role too. When the price keeps on rising,  investors will press the payout button instead of reinvesting. For me, Bitcoins are more valuable than such a gambling opportunity, at least at the moment. At its start, Betrobot was fun to play with because BTC was only around 1000$. This tiny money making smartphone app was with me everywhere. Later, clicking the reinvest button every 4 hours was cool. Setting the alarm for  3:00 a.m. and waking up the girlfriend every night was a highlight. “Calm down babe, I am justing earning some money here.”  But with BTC above 2000$, Globalcryptobot is too expensive for a fun game. If you want to get paid out in 25 days you need to invest at least 0.04 BTC. That’s risking 100$ for getting 100$ during 25 days. There are better HYIPs out there with a better reward to risk ratio! And believe me, you can have definitely more fun with 100$.

The “big lie” is missing. Betrobot convinced a lot of inexperienced online investors that it’s earning real profits with surebets. A lot of users believed that it is not a classic ponzi scheme and therefore they thought it will last forever. Surebet was a new and interesting term. Globalcryptobot tells us something about Cryptocurrencies trading but I think its lie is less attractive than the surebet story.

There are a lot of pros and cons why Globalcryptobot may be as successful as Betrobot. Only history will tell the truth. In the meantime, we will keep an eye on the performance of the program. There may be only one successful strategy: Get in first, get in big, get out your initial investment during 25 days and let the profits run. If you can’t do that, better stay away. Reinvesting with small starting capital might be useless here.


– 4% daily on your deposit
– instant withdraw
– minimum deposit 0.02 BTC
– minimum withdraw 0.04 BTC

download Telegram App for free
– search @GlobalCryptoBot
– Follow the instructions

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