06.18.2017 – Hourpower (Paying)

06.18.2017 – Hourpower (Paying)


Another test if Hourpower is paying out.  I am only sending a very small test amount of 0.30$ to my Payeer account. This is what the withdrawal history looks like on the Hourpower website.


And this is the confirmation from Payeer. Hourpower is still paying.


Experience with Hourpower:
Yes, the site is still stupid slow. Its design is pure garbage. Yes, there are rumours on the web that Hourpower doesn’t payout the 500$ plan with 2.5% for 48 hours.  But we haven’t tried this plan so far, so we can’t tell you anything about it. For us, Hourpower is working. It is one of the few Hyips that are still here since we are monitoring them on this blog. Zooo.cc, Gcprofits.com, Cmetrades.com, Betrobot, Biskbit, Cryptobalance….Big names in the industry, but they all scammed during the last two month. As we had to learn the admins are playing all the dirty tricks to scam the users. Especially the behaviour of Gcprofits and Cmetrades is very annoying. They are paying out the monitoring sites and treat the rest of the users like total garbage.
Dear Hourpower admins, congratulation for still beeing there. That alone is an achievement.





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