06.21.2017 Hourpower (Paying)

06.21.2017 Hourpower (Paying)

Another Hourpower test withdrawal.

This time I use Perfect-Money.is for the withdrawal process.  Perfect-Money has very low fees and the transactions are instant. By the way, it’s a German company. That alone is pure sex.  But let’s go back to the withdrawal process of Hourpower. Below are the screenshots of the site. It’s all the standard stuff, so no more explanation here. If you are new to this, just scroll down the blog and find what’s going on here.




And here is the screenshot of my Perfect-Money.is account. The money arrived instantly.


Experience with Hourpower.biz:
As always the payment is in real-time. Today I contacted the support and I got an answer very fast. They even fixed my problem. Having a fast responding support is quite unusual in the HYIP business. Normally admins give a fuck about the questions of their victims, pardon users. I contacted them from an anonymous account, so the support didn’t know that I am writing this blog.  I am just a normal worthless user with a small deposit. What’s wrong with you? Treat me like garbage, after two months in this biz I am already used to it.

Again: Respect for the work of the Hourpower admins. But why the hell is the site so damn slow???

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