06.24.2017 Gcprofits (Not Paying)

06.24.2017 Gcprofits (Not Paying)

Gcprofits decreased my withdrawal limit to 2$ a day.  Here is the screenshot from the site:


You might think:” Well, 2$ per day is better than nothing”.  Yes, but more than a 1000$ deposit is frozen.  It will take 500 days for me to get my money back.

Keep in mind, that all the HYIP monitors are still showing >paying status< for the program (link). Allhyipmonitors.com the number one meta-monitor,  is ranking Gcprofits as the most stable program out there. This is really a bad job for the industry leader site. Shame on you guys.

We advise you to be very careful. Better think twice before you put money into Gcprofits.


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