06.28.2017 Securecapitals

06.28.2017 Securecapitals

Up to now Securecapitals was a reliable payer.  We did 2 test withdrawals and both were processed without problems. The program claims that its online since 2013. I can’t verify if this is true. My guess is that it’s fake. Most of the monitors added the program about 70 days ago. So don’t be surprised if the site disappears from one minute to another. I don’t know any HYIP that is paying out since 4 years or more. Yes, there have been programs that were online for a long time like Zooo, Skyllex or Getmyads. But none of them made it up for 4 years.  Anyway, let’s go over to the withdrawal test.


My third withdrawal from Securecapitals.  I am sending 17$ via  Bitcoin to my wallet. Request time is 08:51 CET

As always, I received an email that the request has been saved. No automatic payout.


Money received at  15:08 CET.  Everything is fine.



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