06.29.2017 Globalcryptobot (Not Paying)

06.29.2017 Globalcryptobot (Not Paying)


Globalcryptobot is dead. As we forecasted here at Cashranker.com, Globalcryptobot had a very short life. Readers of our blog already knew in advance what will come. We warned you to be careful with this bot. Most of the users reported that they received the last payment on June the 24th.  I got my last payment on Saturday too.  This means that no one was able to reach the break-even point. Thousands of users which joined the program later than June 1st made a loss. And many people lost a lot of money.

Who won? Of course the admins of the program. I guess their profit is a few million. And who else? The big HYIP promoters that brought thousands of users to the bot. I know a young guy who made more than 10.000$ with his refs. I really thought he is a nice guy. The day Globalcryptobot died all his youtube videos about the bot disappeared.  Now he is promoting Crypttrade Capital and is selling himself as a  smart online investor.

This business is sick. It reveals the darkest sides of humans. I am afraid to become like one of those no-conscience HYIP selling zombies too if I continue to monitor this business.



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