07.03.2017 Hourpay (Paying)

07.03.2017 Hourpay (Paying)

We are monitoring Hourpay.net since the beginning of June. The program had a very stable growth and after one month it belongs to the best-known HYIPs out there.  During our observation, Hourpay.net was constantly under the most searched programs at allhyipmonitors.com. Actual Alexa traffic rank is 120.000 which is quite impressive but still leaves some more potential open. Notice that the traffic is flattening, a sign that the program may reach its final stage.  So I wouldn’t suggest starting to invest at this point. This thing might come to an end during July.


Up to now, the program pays instant. Here is a test request of a small profit amount. I use Payeer  for the transaction.


Money arrived instantly. Here is the Payeer transaction:



Status 07.03.2017:


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