Cashranker – On the way to the top

Cashranker – On the way to the top saw its first post on 04.27.2017.  During two months of war against the HYIP admins, there were many up and downs. Everything started with Betrobot, which was quite awesome. We had two big losses with and Both programs took more than 2000$ from us.  It’s amazing that Gcprofits is still online and that it still gets green paying status from the monitors. We also had to deal with hackers who stole a lot of Bitcoins, but that’s another story.

From almost 100 HYIPs that we tested during the last two month, there are only 18 paying out at the moment. This reflects the short living nature of the business and shows, that it is quite difficult to find the one right online investment program that can make you rich. We even witnessed the death of the industry leader Questra. It’s not paying out in Germany and Austria since one month. They told some hocus-pocus story about getting a licence in those countries but I think its pure garbage.  It’s quite sure that they have payout problems and try to win time.

Regardless of all the losses, all the lies and all the pain, we will continue to test Online High Yield Investment Programs for you. We get a lot of positive feedback from our readers who are very thankful for our honest work. Checking the paying status is a big help for the decision process of every investor. And as everybody can see with Gcprofits, it’s really important to have an independent source of information.

Our readers and ourselves enjoy a steep learning curve.   It’s only exceeded by the Alexa traffic rank, which shows almost a horizontal line into the sky. WOW!


If this rate of growth continues, soon  we will belong to the important HYIP blogging sites out there. We are very thankful for having you as a reader and hope you will keep following us on the journey.

Your team

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