07.10.2017 Ambis (Paying)

07.10.2017 Ambis (Paying)

As you know, I put some hope in this program. I did my first deposit of 0.01 BTC at Ambis.biz on July 5. Now it’s  time for the first withdrawal request. Let’s do this step by step.


First, of course, we have to log in to the user menu. After that, we are only three clicks away from earning some money.
Click 1. On the left site, there is the user menu. We simply have to click on >Withdraw<.


Next, we get the screen below. Type in the amount and click the green >Withdraw< button. We can withdraw everything that is on the balance. I have 0.00177 BTC there. I want to transfer everything to my, as I learned under pain, hackable Bitcoin wallet.


Ambis only allows to transfer via Bitcoin. We get to the next site where we have to confirm the transaction on last time. We do our third click by hitting the transparent >Request< button and its done.


Let’s check the blockchain. Yes, the transaction is already there. It needs 3 confirmation and the Coins will be available


Money is on the way. Everything is fine. Hope is alive.


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