07.10.2017 – HiHourly (Paying)

07.10.2017 – HiHourly (Paying)

Hihourly is the big surprise  on our monitoring list.  The site has high reward and  short investing plans which is normally a strong sign for a quick death. We will not invest in the high reward plans because we still think its very unlikely that the site will pay them out. For example one plan is 200% in one hour with minimum deposit 700$. That sound a lot like scam But up to now, small profits were paid without problems.  We stick to that strategy and try another small profit withdrawal.


Lets take 3,6$ from the balance. Transaction is processed via Bitcoin. Thats 0.00143102 BTC

I get a batch id, which is a good sign.


And indeed, checking the blockchain confirms that the transaction is on its way.


Its hard to believe, but the program is still paying out. At least for small amounts.



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