08.07.2017 Aurum Bank (Paying)

08.07.2017 Aurum Bank (Paying)


Aurum Bank is one of the most popular HYIPs right now. We are monitoring the program since April 2017 when names like Zooo, Cmetrades and Gcprofits dominated the market. At that time Aurum Bank was already well known in the industry but it was only in the second row. After all the old market leaders scammed, Aurum Bank took the position as the new leader. There is no one else left. And now it’s getting really big.


I am requesting 27$ which is 0.0082 BTC at the moment.


Aurum Bank has manual payouts that could take up to 24 hours. We have to wait what will happen. Up to now Aurum Bank successfully filled all our anonymous payout tests without any problems.


Update 08.08.2017:
Money received



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