08.17.2017 Bitcoinxl (Paying)

08.17.2017 Bitcoinxl (Paying)

I am sure you remember BitcoinXl. I registered 2 days ago and today  I do my first withdrawal request:


The back office of the site looks very straight. It’s simple and easy to navigate. Of course, first, you have to set your Bitcoin address in the user settings. Next, in the user account menu press the big yellow >Withdraw< button. You get to the next site where you can type in the amount you would like to withdraw from your available balance.


You get to the next window. Here you have to confirm the payout.


And it’s finished. BitcoinXl doesn’t have instant payouts. They promise to send you the money within 48 hours. At least there are no transaction fees.  Today the time of my request was 10:37 CET. The transaction was on the blockchain at 12:40 CET. So it took about 2hours to get the profit. Below you can see the transaction proof.



I like this project. Nevertheless, I always have to keep in mind, that  I can get disappointed the next day. So better not fall in love with it.




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