Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator

The Bitcoin network is growing fast. That’s a good thing because more people and a higher market cap mean a higher Bitcoin price for us investors. But the downside is that more transactions mean higher costs and longer processing times. Segwit promises to solve the transaction cost problem but up to now, it has not been activated. Bitcoin transactions are still slow and expensive. My last Bitcoin transactions took more than 24hour with costs of about 1%. Paying 1$ for a 100$ transaction and waiting 2 days to get it through the confirmation process isn’t that good. Even my old bank can do this via online banking.

But there is one little trick to speed up transactions that got stuck on the blockchain. A good friend of mine showed me the Bitcoin transaction accelerator at

Type in your transaction Id and solve the captcha. Press submit. That’s it.


Maybe it’s just my personal feeling that it works. But whenever a transaction hasn’t got one confirmation after 24 hours, I try this accelerator. And every time (!) after I did this the transaction got confirmations a few hours later. Maybe it was just coincidence, I don’t know. This is just my personal experience that I want to share with you.


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