08.19.2017 Aurum Bank (Paying)

08.19.2017 Aurum Bank (Paying)

Aurum Bank is a reliable payer. The performance of this project exceeded our wildest dreams. Have a look at the last payout proof:


I am requesting 60$ via Bitcoin.  


One more confirmation and I am finished. 0.01398966 BTC is on the way back home. Damn, its zero point zero, one for 60 bucks…. Isn’t that Bitcoin rally amazing? What the hell is going on in the financial system?


As you know, manual payouts of Aurum Bank  can take up to 24 hours.  I got the money 2 hours later, with the updated Bitcoin price. Fast and accurate, I love this project.


Quite awesome. How long can this program stay? Hard to say, it’s on the top position of  http://www.allhyipmonitors.com since the shut down of Gcprofits, which is many weeks now. The Alexa traffic curve is still rising, no flattening signs to spot. It looks like this is a professionally managed project that could stay in the market for quite some time. But as we learned with pain: When things starting to look too good, danger might be in the air. So be careful, don’t get greedy and just let the profits run.




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