08.19.2017 Thunderbit (Registration)

08.19.2017 Thunderbit (Registration)

Today I registered at Thunderbit.  The program started yesterday. It offers 10% per day, the minimum investment is 0.001BTC. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0003BTC. There are no withdrawal fees, Bitcoin accepted only. The site looks nice,bla,bla bla….you heard that introducing stories a thousand times.  What should I tell you, it’s pure gambling nothing else. And chances are high that the admin is a bad guy, like all the other HYIP admins we have seen so far.

I am starting with a very small test deposit of 0.005BTC, if my transaction makes its way through this stupid slow and expensive blockchain network.

But regardless of the cracking Bitcoin technology, let’s hope that the HYIP business recovers from its summer low.  After the horror of the last weeks, we should see some better times coming to the HYIP industry now. But I can’t promise you, that this project will reach the break even point. It’s all about having luck….

p.s. have a look at this amazing  statistics from the Thunderbit website. Of course consider, that it may be faked :


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