08.19.2017 Garansis (Registration)

08.19.2017 Garansis (Registration)

I registered at Garansis a few days ago,  today I made my first deposit. I am starting with the white case, which costs 30$. Yes, I am very careful with HYIPs.

As you can see below Questra, äh sorry Garansis offers different cases reaching from White (30$) to Gold (43740$). There is also a Platinum for 87480$ and a Vip case for 174960$. Welcome to utopia guys.


Garansis is designed to be a long term project. You can see a lot of parallels to Questra, so the target of the admins is quite clear. But I think it will be very difficult for those guys to establish a mass euphoria longterm HYIP similar to Questra. In autumn a lot of competitors will enter the market with some very professionally managed projects. There will be much bigger players entering the ring.

That’s why I do not expect too much from Garansis. Anyway, I am on board and I will update you how this site develops. This business is full of surprises and sometimes a small and mousey underdog can swallow all the other big, hostile predators.


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