How to access Bitcoin Cash from your old Bitcoin wallet

How to access Bitcoin Cash from your old Bitcoin wallet


I am not a Bitcoin expert and I followed the Segwit discussion with one ear only. Before the fork event, I only knew, that after the blockchain split into Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) my wallet will have the same amount of both coins. So for example, if a wallet had  0.05 BTC before the fork on July 31, then after August 1 the wallet includes 0,05BTC and 0,05BCC.

So far so good. The problem is, that only a few wallets support the new BCC. Most people have online wallets but these websites rarely support the new BCC. So how to access the hidden coins of your Bitcoin address? Up to now the interest in getting the hidden Bitcoin Cash coins was small, but with price soaring above 900$ during the lasts days the attention changed.

You can find a lot of different tutorials on the web, how to claim your hidden Bitcoin Cash coins from your online wallet.  Below I will show you the way that worked for me.

Private Key
First, you need the private key of your Bitcoin address. If you have Bitcoin Core, Exodus or Jaxx and generated your Bitcoin address there,  you can access the private keys.  If you generated your Bitcoin address via an online wallet then things may get more complicated, because only a few online wallets provide the private keys.
Second, you need a wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash. I downloaded the Electron-Cash software from and installed version 2.9.2 for windows.


After the setup, you just need to import the private key of your old Bitcoin address. In the >File< menu click on >New/Restore< , then for example choose >standard wallet< and finally press  >Use public or private keys<. Paste in your private key and you are done. Below you can see a screenshot of the software.


Exchange BCC to BTC, Altcoins or Fiat. 
Do you think that the price explosion of BCC is just temporary and therefore you want to get rid of the coins? Then you need to transfer them to an online exchange that supports the new BCC. I took, but on you can find other exchanges that support Bitcoin Cash (BCC).  At the website, I created a new BCC address by clicking on >Bitcoin Cash< on the lower part of the left website menu. Hitting the big green >Generate New Address< button completes the address creation.

Next, I used the Electron-Cash software to transfer Bitcoin Cash to To fulfill the transaction click on the >Send< button, type in the newly generated BCC address of, enter the BCC amount and click send. At you can find the status of the transaction under the links  >Funding< and >Deposit<  in the upper main menu.

You can also check the status of the transaction under by pasting in the transaction id. needs 20 transaction confirmations to activate the new deposit. Afterwards, you can trade your BCC to many other currencies.


Congratulation. Depending on the former BTC amount on your Bitcoin address before August 1, you made additional money with just a few clicks. With Bitcoin Cash hitting 950$ this bonus is quite amazing.



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