08.22.2017 Hourpower (Paying)

08.22.2017 Hourpower (Paying)

Hourpower.biz is still alive. For me, this is the most surprising project of the year.


Sending  2.76$ to the  PerfectMoney account.



ATTENTION: Request being saved. This is the first time that a withdrawal isn’t filled instantly. Do not invest.

I will update you when I get news


Update 08.22.2017:
Strange things are happening at Hourpower.biz. A few minutes ago,  I checked the status of the pending withdrawal of 2.76$.  The transaction was still pending and I thought ok, this project is over. I decided to do another withdrawal test and requested 9$ again to the perfectmoney.is account.  Curiously this withdrawal was processed instantly. See the perfectmoney.is account screenshot proof below.


Now this is what the withdrawal history looks like inside the Hourpower dashboard at the moment:


You can see the pending withdrawal of 2,76$ from August 21. Ok, let’s cancel the pending withdrawal and make one more request. I am sending 3$ to the perfectmoney.is account.

This time the transaction is processed instantly. Money received.


Is it time to panic? As you know, technical issues are very dangerous for HYIPs and most of the time strong indicators that the project may close soon. At the moment Hourpower is paying out. But I would suggest being very careful here.


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