08.25.2017 Trinityme (Registration)

08.25.2017 Trinityme (Registration)



The Trinity bot is a Russian Telegram bot that is online for 5 months now. It’s offering 3.33% daily for a lifetime. That means that the initial investment has no expire like we have seen with Betrobot. The deposit is included, so break even will be reached in about 30 days. Beside Bitcoin you can deposit via Payeer, Advcash and other payment processors. That’s a big advantage if you want to save your holy Bitcoins while they are skyrocketing to 5000$.  You can find more information on the website at https://trinity3.me/

I am watching this bot since its beginning but I never had the courage to invest in it.  Instead, I tried at least 20 other Telegram bots. They all scammed in the meantime.

It’s Russian, it’s a bot and its online since 5 months?

I hear you thinking: “This can’t go well.”

You are probably right, but finally, greed was stronger than my rational mini-me. Maybe we will see a second V-tec disaster where I was probably the last idiot that jumped on board.

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