08.28.2017 – HourlyCool (Paying)

08.28.2017 – HourlyCool (Paying)

HourlyCool is an old project. Cashranker is monitoring this HYIP since the beginning of April. Today I had another successful withdrawal request, I would like to share with you. See the request from the HourlyCool website below:



Payeer confirms the transaction immediately:

It’s hard to believe, but HourlyCool is still alive and is paying instantly. As always our test involves small profits. There are a lot of rumors from scammed users, that HourlyCool doesn’t payout the big plans.

There is one paradox law that dominates the HYIP business. The uglier the site the more likely it will stay. Take a look at the well-designed projects we tested recently, like Algiesa or Thunderbit. None of them are able to reach the break-even point, they scam even before the first investors can get back 100% of their inital investmet.



Status 08.28.2017

(probably paying  small profits only) 


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