09.02.2017 Trinityme (Paying)

09.02.2017 Trinityme (Paying)


First withdrawal from the Trinity bot. I will guide you through the process step by step

1. First, in the Telegram bot menu, click on >bank<.
2. Next, you get a message with the menu buttons >Refill<, >Withdraw<, >Reinvest<, >Transaction history<, >Requests of withdrawals<, and >Calculator<. To proceed the withdrawal request, of course, you have to click on >Withdraw<
3. In the next step, you can choose your payment processor. I have Payeer.  Normally you have to fill in your account ID because the system needs to knwo, where to send your money.. I have done this step one day before and it looks like the system remembers the account id. So you dont have to type in everytime you make a new request.
4. Choose amount. This step is quite self-explanatory. I clicked >set amount manualley<
5. Next I typed in the test amount of one dollar

And thats it. I get a final message that the withdrawal was processed successfully.


Checking the Payeer account confirms the instant payment. Fees are 0.01$



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