09.06.2017 Trinityme (Paying)

09.06.2017 Trinityme (Paying)


This is another fast payout test for the Trinity bot. Last time I showed you the withdrawal routine, which is very easy. After starting the bot in Telegram you only need 5 more clicks to get your money.


Below you can see a screenshot from the withdrawal. Payeer is used again, request amount is 1$ at 9:28CET


Again, payment  is instantly. Money is on the Payeer account. Fee is 0.01$

Experiences with Trinity.me
Up to now all payments were processed without any problems. But I am still very sceptical about this bot. It is running for more than 5 month now, which in the area of Telegram bots, is a ethernity. 90% of the bots scam before they reach their break-even-point and the really good ones are running for 1 month or 2.  So we should  not be surprised if Trinity goes down in the near future. You need 30 days to reach your break-even-point, so it may be to late to enter the program at this point.



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