09.08.2017 Aurum Bank (Paying)

09.08.2017 Aurum Bank (Paying)

Aurum Bank  still appears to be very strong.  During the last days, all anonymous payout tests were processed without any problems. Today I will show you another payout proof.


Test withdrawal amount is 5$ via Bitcoin. Request time is 9:22CET.


I receive a message, that the payout can take up to 24hours.  The last request was processed within a few hours. Let’s wait and see, how long it will take this time. As always, I will update you when the transaction is getting on the blockchain


Update 12:24CET:
Bitcoin received one hour ago and with very low fees.  That was very fast again,  it took only two hours. Good job guys.


Experiences with Aurum-Bank:
So far everything looks good. The program never had a payout problem. I hope things will stay this way.  After the terrible summer drought, new money may flow into the HYIP market during the next month. Aurum-Bank, as one of the market leaders, may profit from this development.  I think chances are good, that Aurum-Bank can stay in the market until the end of the year. There are big leaders now bringing lots of new investors into the program. Aurum-Bank is getting huge right at the moment. But as you know, it’s very difficult to forecast the lifespan of HYIP projects. In the end, it’s some kind of gambling. And like gambling, this is all about risk-management and money-management strategy. After all, there is one easy rule to survive:  Don’t get greedy

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