09.09.2017 Trinityme (Paying)

09.09.2017 Trinityme (Paying)


Are you ready for some Trinity magic? Here we go.


Request time is 10:20CET. Withdrawal amount is 1$ via Payeer.



The money is on the account the same second. Instant payment and 0.01$ fee. Trinity, you passed the withdrawal test.



Experiences with Trinity.me
I am starting to regret, that I haven’t joined this program earlier. Imagine starting to invest 5 months ago and reinvesting the profits.

In the Telegram discussion chats, this bot never had much of attention. It was a so called sleeper. That’s interesting because all the other bots that were aggressively promoted in the groups failed.
Let’s see how Trinity will develop in the next few days. I am recognizing that people are starting to talk about this bot in the channels. Its getting more attention now. Hope this is not a bad sign.



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