09.14.2017 Splenoria (Paying)

09.14.2017 Splenoria (Paying)

Splenoria is 2 days old now. It would not be much of a surprise if the program is coming closer to its end. We know how these kind of very high yield programs are working. Admins are scamming their users when they see that the cash flow into the program is reaching its high. Anyway, let’s test the payout


1.25$ are going to Payeer. Time of the request is 12:39CET.


And its there. Right on time:

Experiences with Splenoria:
We survived another day. Juhu, amazing, mega….georgious.
Let’s have a look at the actual site stats.
First, the CashrankerCom withdrawal is on the LAST WITHDRAWALS a good sign that the statistic is not manipulated.
Second, other withdrawals with 7$ get their way back home too. Cause normally we would expect the admin to limit the payouts to very small amounts when the program is reaching its end. This way the monitors, which are normally receiving small test payout amounts of about 1$, will keep on signaling paying status, while normal users can’t get back their investments.
Third, the LIVE STATISTICS is still quite amazing. Total accounts are now 840 and Total Deposit to Total Withdraw ratio still leaves the potential for program continuation.
Finally, everything depends on the admin, and when he will decide to pull the plug. Damn criminals.



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