09.19.2017 – HourlyCool (Not Paying)

09.19.2017 – HourlyCool (Not Paying)

Hourlycool is offline for about 24 hours now. It looks like its over.

Finally my forecast came true. 6 month ago I said this will come to an end. I can forecast everything, I am so keen, mind blowing, almighty…

A forecast only beeing 6 month off  is good. Or is it?


UPDATE 09.19.2017 14:49CET
Hourlycool is online again. That was quite a long offline period. Lets see if the program can survice this. I made a withdrawal request but it got pending status. It would be a big surprise if the money arrives.


Update 22:39CET:
My login isn’t working anymore.

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