09.21.2017 Bitconnect (Registration)

09.21.2017 Bitconnect (Registration)

What is Bitconnect?
Bittconnect is a real cryptocurrency coin. With a capitalization of $790.00.00 it is ranked under the 20 biggest cryptocurrencies out there. Actually, the price of one Bitconnect coin (BCC) is at$116.

Bitconnect lending
So most of all, investors can profit from the steady price increase. But there is more. The project offers a lending platform, where investors can lock in coins and receive a daily profit from it. See the table below for the different investment plans:

What does that mean?
For example: If you invest 100$ you will get your deposit back after 299days. Your daily profit depends on a variable interest rate which is influenced by the Bitcoin price volatility. Check out historical daily interest ->here 
As you can see, the daily interest profit normally oscillates between 0% and 2%. 

To summarize:
-Daily lending profit is between 0% and 2%
-Profit adds to the balance every 24hours.
-Lending deposit locks in between 120 and 299 days.
-100$ minimum investment
-10$ minimum reinvestment
-0.005 Bitcoin (BTC)  minimum withdrawal (with dynamic fees)


Bitconnect had an amazing growth over the last year, therefore there is the possibility that the market is temporarily saturated. So at the actual price level of 116$, this is a risky investment.

But the cryptocurrency wave has not reached its end. We are just at the beginning of the cryptocurrency revolution, which will massively change the world during the next 10 years. So there is still a lot of potential for investors.

Hence, it is quite sure that Bitconnect will ride on the cryptocurrencies euphoria wave. It looks like a solid project that could even survive a big market correction. And after some consolidation, this might become an attractive opportunity.

At the end of August, there was a hack attack on the Bitconnect platform. As a result of it, the price of BCC crashed. But the admins managed to overcome the problems and the project came back even stronger. That’s a good sign of resilience.


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