09.29.2017 Boxchain (Not Paying)

09.29.2017 Boxchain (Not Paying)


Boxchain started on September 27. The project claims that it is investing in storage boxes. But after all, chances are high that this is just a standard HYIP. There a lot of different investment plans reaching from 1.95% per day to 2.4% per day (calendar days).

As you can see below the minimum investment is 0.485 Bitcoin for the 2m plan.  Your profit is 2.05% per day. The investment in the 3m box costs total 0.7055 Bitcoin. This plan gives you 2.1% per day.  If you don’t want to purchase the whole package you can pay 5 rates which lowers your daily profit.  Then the 2m investment plan gives you 1.05% a day for one month. For the next month, you have to pay the next rate of 0.108 otherwise your investment will stop.


The next plans are for the 5m and 10m boxes. 


There are 4 more plans but we skip them because they are beyond reality. It would be quite crazy to invest more than 1 Bitcoin in this project.


  • Minimum deposit 0.0275
  • Deposit via Bitcoin only
  • Daily profit reaching from 1.95%-2.4%
  • Manual withdrawals which can take up to 24 hours.
  • Minimum payout is 0.001BTC
  • Withdrawals have no fee.


There is potential for a long-term investment. The idea of investing in storage boxes is a nice alternative to all the cryptocurrency trading HYIPS that are coming out at the moment. We will follow this project closely.




Update 05.10.2017

Project stopped paying. Do not invest


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