10.05.2017 Phoenix Invest (Not Paying)

10.05.2017 Phoenix Invest (Not Paying)


I registered at Phoenix-Invest on September 12.  I was not talking about this project because I was very skeptical that it could reach the break-even point. I  have little information about this program and I still think it is very risky.


But up to now, all the payments came in without problems. It looks like Phoenix-Invest is growing very stable.  Below you can see the investment plans. Minimum deposit is 50$. This plan will give you 7,8% weekly for 25 weeks. So you will need about 12 weeks to reach your break-even point.


Phoenix-Invest is a big surprise. It started as a very unimpressive site which got low attention from the community. Its still a high-risk program but there is a lot of potential for growth.



Update 10.07.2017

Project stopped paying. Do not put money in here.

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