10.07.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

10.07.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

Laser Online is running for 100 days now. It has more than 37000 users which invested more than $17Mio. This is an amazing performance for a program that offers 12% per day. And it shows us what is still possible in the HYIP business when you create a new idea beyond the standard crypto-trading and crypto-mining scam of all the other projects.

Laser Online does not tell you a stupid story about successful crypto trading. It is just what it is: a fun HYIP site that gives you a good feeling to put money into it.  To achieve this goal it is riding the booming 80’s retro wave. Crazy,  but its working.


  • Project key figures
    12% per day for  12 business days.
    Break even after  9 business days.
    144% profit with deposit included.
    Minimum investment 5$.
    Minimum withdrawal 2.5$.
    Automatic withdrawal function.
    Automatic reinvest function.


Laser Online is the winner of the “think outside the box” award. It reminds us what the HYIP business is all about: Just having a good time and enjoy making some money.

This project may end soon, it’s definitely too late to put a lot of money into it. But its still fun to listen to the music on the site.

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