10.13.2017 Hourpower (Problem)

10.13.2017 Hourpower (Problem)

It looks like another long-term project is throwing the towel. Hourpower got payout problems during the last days.

Maybe it recovers one more time, so we will track the activity closely during the next days. Hourpower managed to overcome a lot of problems. Website offline, extreme slow site speed, too much traffic, and overloaded server…. But in contrast to other HYIPs they fought back an came back even stronger.

But it seems like the time has come now. There is a natural boundary for every program that cant be overwhelmed. And it would not be much of a surprise if Hourpower reached its limit.  So many HYIPs died during the last weeks, it is absolutely unbelievable what happened to this industry.  The losses are so huge, we will definitely see a reconstruction of the whole biz. We will see new ideas and new concepts. It can not go on like this, where about 90% of the HYIPs do not even reach the break-even point.  “Investors” won’t join this game any longer. They will switch to other high yield investment opportunities like ICOs  (Initial Coin Offerings) or simply invest in cryptocurrencies by themselves.

With Hourpower one of the last dinosaurs of the old HYIP age disappears.  After all, the admins did a good job with their project. It is safe to say, that Hourpower was the longest living HYIP that we were monitoring since April 2017.

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