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06.24.2017 Gcprofits (Not Paying)

06.24.2017 Gcprofits (Not Paying)

Gcprofits decreased my withdrawal limit to 2$ a day.  Here is the screenshot from the site:


You might think:” Well, 2$ per day is better than nothing”.  Yes, but more than a 1000$ deposit is frozen.  It will take 500 days for me to get my money back.

Keep in mind, that all the HYIP monitors are still showing >paying status< for the program (link). the number one meta-monitor,  is ranking Gcprofits as the most stable program out there. This is really a bad job for the industry leader site. Shame on you guys.

We advise you to be very careful. Better think twice before you put money into Gcprofits.


06.24.2017 Jet-Coin (Not Paying)

06.24.2017 Jet-Coin (Not Paying)


The Jet-Coin story develops into a complete desaster. I am not able setup my payout wallet on the site. Changing the wallet address needs a confirmation by email. But I do not receive any confirmation email. I contacted the support and they answered me that I should use a Gmail account instead of my email.  Since 5 days I am trying to get the support to change my email address. Now the support ticket system is down.

Three days ago my login wasn’t working anymore. I thought ok, it’s over. Thank God for redeeming me from this shit. Yesterday I tried to login again and the first thing I got was this massage:

So they are cutting the daily payout from 3.3% to 1.1%. But this doesn’t matter to me anyway since I am unable to setup my payout address. It’s quite clear that Jet-Coin is dead.  Need one more proof for this statement? The annoying spam emails from Simon Stepsys stopped.  Another 0.5BTC investment is gone.

06.18.2017 Jet-Coin (Registration)

06.18.2017 Jet-Coin (Registration)

I joined on 06.17.2017. Today I made my first test deposit of 0.05BTC. This is the transaction confirmation from the Jet-Coin website.


Jet-Coin promises 3% per day and offers an aggressive referral system. The site looks very cheap and it seems like a classic Hyip script. But there are some big networking leaders on board and the program is just starting to go viral. I will keep you up to date if the site pays out.  I am quite sure it will. The only question is: How long?


06.15.2017 Cmetrades (Withdrawal)

06.15.2017 Cmetrades (Withdrawal)

Yesterday I tried another withdrawal of 10$. After a while, the saved request was cancelled again.

Maybe it is working with 8$? I try another request.


Update 06.18.2017:
The last request was cancelled again. I did 2 more tests but both of them led to the same result.

06.08.2017 – Cmetrades (Withdrawal)

06.08.2017 – Cmetrades (Withdrawal)

It is one week since my last withdrawal request at The rumors are getting louder that the site has payout problems. This week a clone site came out under the adresse Normally this is not a good sign we know this from and other Hyip projects before they went down. Also an increasing number of monitors are turning red. So lets do another withdrawal test. This will be an interesting one

Request at 10:45 CET via Bitcoin. Below are the screenshots from the Cmetrades website.

cmetrades paying


After pushing the request button this confirmation window appears.

cmetrades paying


As we know, withdrawals are usually processed within  24 hours. As always  I will update this post as soon as the transaction is on the blockchain. To be honest, it wouldn’t be surprising if the withdrawal request remains pending. This is a very dark business with a lot of criminal energy. As we had to learn during the last weeks, Hyip admins lie, betray and deceive whenever it’s possible. It was absolutely shocking to watch how the admins of,, and Betrobot behaved.

Update: 06.10.2017
That’s interesting, Cmetrades resets my withdrawal request and credits the money to the balance again. We all know what this means…the money is lost forever.Just for the record one more try.Request time is 10:15 CET. But after all the bad user comments it’s quite clear: Do not invest in this program




06.06.2017 Fundstream (Not paying)

06.06.2017 Fundstream (Not paying)

Fundstream stopped to pay out. My withdrawal requests are pending for 2 days now, their total amount is  0.02266291 BTC. Here is the screenshot from the website:


We had a good ride with this program, getting 10% for more than 20 days wasn’t too bad. But now it’s over.

Cryptobalance, Gcprofits and now Fundstream. All dead. What a terrible week that awfully cuts down our passive income stream.

06.05.2017 – Gcprofits (Not Paying)

06.05.2017 – Gcprofits (Not Paying)

Three of my withdrawal requests are pending since more than 24 hours. Support isn’t answering me anymore. Do not invest in this program.
Update 06.06.2017
After more than 2 days the support answered me that my withdrawal limit decreased to 4$ per day.

Update 06.07.2017
My daily withdrawal limit is still 4$. Here is the website screenshot


Another project that stopped paying. It would be very surprising if Gcprofits would deactivate the withdrawal limit.

06.03.2017 Cryptobalance (Not Paying)

06.03.2017 Cryptobalance (Not Paying)

ATTENTION: My last withdrawal request is pending since 24 hours now.  I will inform you if there are any news.

Do not invest in the meantime…. This thing might be over.


Update 06.05.2017:
Withdrawals are pending for more than 48 hours now. Cryptobalance is out of business. Another online passive income opportunity that has gone.

Update 06.10.2017:
My pending withdrawal request, 184$ not paid.




06.03.2017 – Biskbit (Not Paying)

06.03.2017 – Biskbit (Not Paying)

I registered at on 04.29.2017. I have the Biskbit Pro plan which pays 2,16% for 20 days.

Withdrawal request of 1.2$ via Payeer. Request time is 12:54 CET.


The payout is not instant, I got an email that my request has been saved. Waiting for the transaction to be processed….I will update you soon…

Update: 06.10.2017:
All my withdrawal requests are pending.



Status 06.10.2017

06.01.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

06.01.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

Cmetrades is running stable. We are monitoring the project since the beginning of April and up to now all the payments arrived without problems. Lets do another test of the withdrawal routine.

Request at 8:55 CET via Bitcoin.



As usual, withdrawals can take up to 24hours until they are processed.

Update 06.02.2017:
Money received at 01:43 CET




05.29.2017 – Gcprofits (Paying)

05.29.2017 – Gcprofits (Paying)

During the last weeks Gcprofits increased the minimum deposit from 15$ to 20$ and finally to 25$.  They announced that the minimum deposit will further be increased. Usually, it’s not a good sign when plans are beeing changed. Is Gcprofits coming to its end?

I have the 8.5% for 14 days plan. Over the last few days I pressed the reinvest button hard to get my deposit growing. But I think the time is coming to reduce the risk. Lets check if Gcprofits still pays out.

Time of the request is 9:44 CET. Here are the screenshots of the Gcprofits website:


Lets press the confirm button and hope that Gcprofits will not let me down.

The transaction is on the blockchain immediately. Thank you guys.


Gcprofits wrote in the last newsletter, that a group extorts them to pay a high ransom amount, otherwise they will spread the news that the program is not paying out some of the investors. Yes, I found comments on the web, that users were not paid by Gcprofits. There are two possibilities: First Gcprofits is telling the truth and this group is spreading wrong rumors. Second: Gcprofits isn’t paying out to some investors and invented this false story to calm down their users.

Well, I have to say, Gcprofits always paid me. No problems up to now. But so far I only requested small amounts


Status 05.29.2017: 

05.27.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

05.27.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

Yesterday evening the Cyptobalance site was offline for a few hours.  After that, I was unable to login to my account anymore. I contacted the support, they replied quickly but the problem still remains. Now 24 hours are gone and I still can’t login to my account.  Is Cryptobalance already scamming?


I will keep you up to date if I get any news.

Update 22:18
The support solved my login problem. I will do a new withdrawal test soon.

Update 23:59
Lets do the profit withdrawal.  Time of the request is 23:59.  Again, I use Payeer. Bitcoin is just too expensive these days.



I need to confirm with one more button.

An email informs me, that the withdrawal request has been saved in their system. As always, we will have to wait a few hours until the money is transferred.

Update 05.28.2017:
In the morning at 8:02 CET I got an email from Payeer, that the money arrived.  The transaction took about 8 hours.


Everything is cozy when the HYIP is paying out.Then it’s fun playing this game. But we went through some very hard times during last weeks. And I can promise you, it’s only a matter of time until this HYIP will die too. So let’s enjoy the good times. At least for a short period.


Status 05.28.2017

05.25.2017 – Fundstream (Paying)

05.25.2017 – Fundstream (Paying)

I did three withdrawals since my last Fundstream update. All of them were processed instantly.

Today I’d like to show you one more payout proof. Time of the request is 23:11 CET. I transfer the complete balance which is at the moment 0.00290029BTC


After confirming I receive  this message:


And here is the blockchain proof:


Fundstream still pays out instantly and without fees. But I fear the program might come to an end soon, this is simply too good to be true. It’s online for 23 days now, quite a long time for an HYIP that pays out at least 10% per day.  I will not do any more reinvests here. I will keep on paying out until the site shuts down.


Status (05.25.2017):

05.25.2017 – Zooo (Not Paying)

05.25.2017 – Zooo (Not Paying)


The scamming affair gets even more wired. Yesterday  I showed you the Facebook page where someone claims to be the real Zooo admin. >here <

Now there is a new statement on the site:

Let’s begin with the Good News
# We recovered the website’s data and we can access to each users’s account which means the Emails are not necessary now
# We could locate the Address of the hackers and we are going to make a complaint against them (A Team from Algeria called “DZ Mafia-Hackers” from “Ouled Yaich, Blida”)
# All their attempts to steal your investments failed as we had a high security system for money transfer

The bad News are
# Our programmers can access to each user’s account but the data was highly damaged and it will take a long of time to get some simple informations like “how much you invested” (Estimation: For 1000 Users it may take months to get this simple information)
# Our Trading Platform and all our Winning Strategies were damaged which means we did not made any profit since the website was taken down and we can’t make profit now until we install a new platform with new winning strategies

Our Decisions
After a meeting between “Admin, Support Team, Programmers, Web Developers and some Guests” we decided the following
# First, We can’t move your investment from your accounts now. It should stay there until we transfer it and resume our work
# We are going to make a New website with a unique investment plan and only users who make one investment in this plan will have access to this New Website
# For security reasons (Example: Advertising our New Website in fake pages) it’s not allowed to ask about it or to share it in Public Pages but you can share it with people you know in real life
# The unique plan will be the “New Safe Premium Plan” and the first deposit should be processed here before extracting your account’s data by the programmers
# After investing in the NSPP all your previous investment will be calculated by the programmers and transfered to your account balance which will take about 48 hours
# Every withdrawal request in the New Website will be processed within 24 hours
# Users who can’t afford it to transfer their accounts to the New Website should wait until the Refund is available
# More informations on the NSPP will be available in our Next Update


Wow, this is really cruel. You need to pay more to get your initial deposit back. They are playing with the scammed users and treat them like total idiots.  As you can read in the comments, some of the users lost their hole money. A lot of them seem to come from poor countries where they desperately try to get out of their daily mess. Now they lost everything.
There is an important lesson to learn: This business is reckless.

Update 05.25.2017:
Another hilarious message is out. Now it’s clear that this is just another fake admin.

New Safe Premium Plan is available now
About the NSPP
# As we explained in our previous Update, by investing one time in the NSPP we will transfer your account’s data to the New Website. This will take about 48 hours
# Your Account’s details, Investments and profit will go to your Account Balance in the New Website where you can withdraw them within 24 hours
# Your investment for the NSPP will also generate daily profit wich will be 2.4% for 60 days
Important Rules (NSPP)
# Minimum/Maximum investment is 150$/2000$
# For security reasons (Example: Advertising our New Website in fake pages) it’s not allowed to ask about the Website before confirming a request for the NSPP. It’s not allowed to share it in Public Pages , but you can share it with people you know and trust in real life
# Users who can’t afford it to apply for the NSPP should wait for the refund update which will be in 6 weeks exactly and it will be without fees
How to make a Request for the NSPP
# To make a request for the NSPP send the message #Ticket in a comment here or in a private message.
# You’ll receive a Ticket Number that can be used to open a request for the NSPP
# Remember that each ticket number can be used one time only and you can’t ask for a second ticket
# Make sure you understood well how this will work, otherwise you can ask questions to our Support Team


I am totally speechless.

05.25.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

05.25.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

As we discussed here on the blog, Betrobot went offline yesterday.  The support team claims that they are working hard to restore the program. But until now there was no progress, Betrobot is still offline.

This is the message which I received at night from Betrobot:


Quite funny.  Today in the morning I checked again and now all my investments and my balance has gone.  Not such a good sign. The admins left us a message that we should wait


Again, I would be very surprised if Betrobot is coming back.  This is the typical  “more excuses to win time” game which all the scammers are playing.  We know this behavior from professional thieves. By the way, the Zooo admins seem to play the same trick, they even try to persuade the scammed users to put more money into their pockets. (read more here)

At least Simons Stepsys, the huge Betrobot promoter, still believes in the project. Good to know.



Update 12.27 CET:
Betrobot is online again but all the reinvestments are gone. The admins told some hocus-pocus hacker story in their official statement. The simple truth is they couldn’t pay out because of the exponential growth of the reinvests. That’s the pure reality of every ponzi scheme.

They found an elegant solution. Now everything is set to zero and they will try to scam people for 3 more months. Second round of the game just started, but Betrobot one is dead.  Status remains “not paying”.


Update 23:27 CET:
Since a few hours, Betrobot is offline again. Balance and reinvests disappeared forever.




05.24.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

05.24.2017 – Cmetrades (Paying)

Dear readers,
It’s ten days since I showed you the last profit withdrawal from Cmetrades.  I had the “2,1% Daily for 20 Days Plan” which ran out a few days ago. I have to tell you that the deposit was given back after the 20 days exactly as they promise on their site. But keep in mind this is only a very small deposit.

I subscribed to a new “2.1% For 20 Days” plan. Now it’s time to do another withdrawal request. Again, I will do a small test amount. The procedure only takes 3 clicks. Request time is 11.14 CET. Cmetrades will take a 0.0001 btc fee for any withdrawal amount, which sounds quite fair to me.


The second window asks to confirm the request.

And it’s finished.  The site informs that it can take up to 24 hours until the transaction is processed. So let’s stay chilled.


Update 05.25.2017:
Today in the morning I received an email that the money has been transferred. Checking the blockchains confirms the transaction. It’s 6:29 CET. So the withdrawal took about 18 hours.


Last time I told you, that there are comments on the web, that Cmetrades only pays out small profit amounts. A blog reader emailed me, that he had the same experience. He invested in a bigger “after plan” which already expired. But now Cmetrades refuses to withdraw all of the profit at once. Instead, only 20$ per day can be requested.

Thanks a lot for this report.


Status 05.25.2017:

05.24.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

05.24.2017 – Betrobot (Not Paying)

Yesterday morning I had a bad feeling about Betrobot. The technical problems increased step by step and I forecasted, that the project will go down soon.

A few hours later the bot went offline. The admins claim that they can’t find the problem. They will work all day long to locate the error and give us a statement in the evening.



Here are the original admin updates from the Betrobot News Channel:

BetRobot News, [23.05.17 19:17]
Hello BetRobot Community!As you surely recognised we’re lately facing some problems with investment and withdrawals.Our team is on it. But our scripters can’t find any DDOS attacks or anything similar.We’re awfully sorry for all the circumstances we may have caused, and are working eagerly on a fast solution!Please, stay calmed and focus on your trust. We did it trough many hard times in the past. And we will handle this to. Together, as a community.
Your SupportTeam

BetRobot News, [24.05.17 08:42]
Our Scripter thinks that they know the problem. Now they have to be sure about it and fix it!
Please understand that this takes time. But I think we can explain you in 6-12 hours what’s going on here.Please stay calm. So many people got so much money, we are not a normal hyip or scam. But even the best trouble sometimes!
Your support and mister x



I wouldn’t say it is absolutely impossible that Betrobot will come back. But chances are very low. In this business, when trust is destroyed it’s very difficult to stop a panic. Even if Betrobot goes online again, everybody will try to withdraw his money. Thats the end of every ponzi scheme.

We had a good time with Betrobot.

05.23.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

05.23.2017 – Cryptobalance (Paying)

Today I requested another withdrawal to my Payeer account. Time is 11:54 CET. You can find the screenshots of the Cryptobalance withdrawal procedure below:

After this, I got an email that the request is in the system. Now we have to wait until the transaction is beeing processed. As we already experienced, with Cryptobalance this can take some time.  The last one took about 9 hours.

At 19:20 CET I got an email that the money has been sent.  The Payeer account verifies that.  This time the withdrawal took about 7hours and 20 minutes.


Cryptobalance is a trusted payer, at least for small profits. Let’s hope this remains for a while.

05.23.2017 – Fundstream (Paying)

05.23.2017 – Fundstream (Paying)

I registered at 3 weeks ago. To my suprise the program is still alive.

Again, I use Bitcoin to transfer the money.  Here are the screenshots from the Fundstream site.  Withdrawal request time is  11:04 CET.




I got an email which confirmed the request.  The transaction is sent to the blockchain instantly. NO FEES HERE.  Wow!


Fundstream is paying out instantly and without fees.


Status (05.23.2017):



05.23.2017 – Betrobot (Problem)

05.23.2017 – Betrobot (Problem)

A few days ago Betrobot started to get some problems. First I recognized that the reinvestment procedure took longer and longer.  Reinvestments appeared as active deposit after one hour or even later. Profits appeared on the balance later and later.  Usually they were added to the balance exactly at 03:00, 07:00, 11:00, 15:00, 19:00 and 23:00 CET.  Also payouts took some time to get on the blockchain. Normally withdrawal request arrived there almost instantly.

These all were signs that Betrobot got some technical problems. Maybe its just because of the slow Bitcoin transaction network these days. Maybe Betrobot is just over its capacity because of the extreme growing rate. But as HYIP investors we have to think realistic. No blind hope. These could be the first signs that the ponzi scheme is coming to its end. Yesterday the Betrobot admins increased the minimum payout from 0.01 to 0.5. They argued that thousands of small profit withdrawals collapsed the payout routine. They promised that this is just a temporary step to ensure the continuation of the program.

Today they brought out the following statement:

Good morning community.Like you noticed our bot was really slow yesterday because there were so many people trying to withdraw tiny amounts which makes everything slow. When many user withdraw every time they reached the 0.01 btc we have such a big amount of waiting withdraws and nobody is happy with that. BetRobot is for real investors who understand what this business means. Who aren’t scared because they could loose 20$. We have many people making much money so be one of them! Make money! Don’t be scared.
And don’t forget we are the biggest bot at the moment with more than 100.000 investors.
You are part of a huge bot known all over the world. You can earn much money and that’s what makes us proud. Maybe some of you can now buy the notebook they wanted since a few years or you can pay your debts.
Please careful with us, with the bot. We are one big family.And for the one who really understand how BetRobot works we have a new rule that everything works fast again:
minimum invest: 0,03 BTC
Minimum withdraw: 0,05 BTC
Minimum reinvest: 0,02 BTC
And by the way in our offline business, the Surebets, the mimimum Invest is 10k.
Now it’s real business here. You can earn lots of money if you want.Have much fun with the bot!
Your support and mister x


To me, that smells like death is in the air.  First, the minimum withdrawal was increased to 0.05 and not as promised decreased back to 0.01 BTC. They also increased the minimum invest from 0.02 to 0.03 BTC.

Then this whole big family story is pure garbage. In this business, there are no friends, just enemies. HYIPS have to deliver and nothing else. They need to pay out according to the rules, everything else doesn’t matter. Changing the payout rules is the biggest trust killer in this biz.  That’s why more and more people will lose their blind faith in Betrobot.

Until now Betrobot still pays out. But I think his days are counted now. There is only one thing for sure: A lot of people will get scammed, its  only a matter of time. Don’t be one of them.


Status 05.23.2017


05.23.2017 – Caspercoin (Not Paying)

05.23.2017 – Caspercoin (Not Paying)

I registered at on 05.14.2017.  Since then I requested 3 profit withdrawals. All of them arrived instantly on the Payeer account.

Today I did another withdrawal test which is still pending. We all know what that means…


Conclusion: is gone forever.

05.23.2017 Zooo (Not Paying)

05.23.2017 Zooo (Not Paying)


Yesterday went offline. The site disappeared from one minute to another, and so did their facebook page. There are rumors that the site was hacked. But honestly, this looks like the classic  -the admins took the deposits and ran away-   HYIP scheme.

This is quite shocking to me. Zooo was considered as one of the most stable high yield programs out there.  It was online for about 840 days.  A lot of HYIP monitoring sites ranked Zooo on top of their lists.

For me, this is quite a pain because I only had a few more days to cash in two premium plans.  That really hurts.

Well, it looks like Fortuna isn’t on my site.

Update 05.24.2017:
A friend showed me this new facebook page. They claim to be the real admins and tell us the old hacking story.  Your can find it >here <