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11.03.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

11.03.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

Laser Online is still online

Here is the last withdrawal request of 7$ via Bitcoin Cash.

Payout proof from the electron wallet


I think from now on every new day is a wonder. We are online now for 127 days with $80Mio deposited. This is sick.

11.01.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

11.01.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

It looks like Laser Online is coming to its end. They introduced withdrawal limitations which they call credit score. The lower your credit score the longer it will take to get your withdrawal processed.

Anyway, the last withdrawal request was paid.  The request was done on October 28 via Bitcoin Cash. Here is the screenshot from the Laser Online site:

Money received 3 days later. Here is the proof from the eletron wallet:


All good things come to an end. Prepare for the end of Laser Online.

10.28.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

10.28.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

I have good news for you. Laser Online is still paying out. This program is running for 121 days now. Imagine what first day investors made with this money making machine. How long can it last? I have no idea. We are in the money, so let the profits run.

I requested 5$ via Bitcoin Cash


Here is the proof from the eletron wallet:

….love the music. peace

10.19.2017 Racer Forex (Not Paying)

10.19.2017 Racer Forex (Not Paying)

Racer Forex got payout problems. Our last payout test failed. There are some other users that reported that their withdrawal requests got pending status.

It looks like this thing is coming to an end. Do not invest anymore.

10.19. 017 Northcoin (Not Paying)

10.19. 017 Northcoin (Not Paying)

Northcoin scammed. This is not a big surprise, as we forecasted, it turned out that this HYIP was just a  short-term program.

Another program that shut down before the break even point.

The site is still online, but our last payout test failed. Do not invest in this project.

10.13.2017 Hourpower (Problem)

10.13.2017 Hourpower (Problem)

It looks like another long-term project is throwing the towel. Hourpower got payout problems during the last days.

Maybe it recovers one more time, so we will track the activity closely during the next days. Hourpower managed to overcome a lot of problems. Website offline, extreme slow site speed, too much traffic, and overloaded server…. But in contrast to other HYIPs they fought back an came back even stronger.

But it seems like the time has come now. There is a natural boundary for every program that cant be overwhelmed. And it would not be much of a surprise if Hourpower reached its limit.  So many HYIPs died during the last weeks, it is absolutely unbelievable what happened to this industry.  The losses are so huge, we will definitely see a reconstruction of the whole biz. We will see new ideas and new concepts. It can not go on like this, where about 90% of the HYIPs do not even reach the break-even point.  “Investors” won’t join this game any longer. They will switch to other high yield investment opportunities like ICOs  (Initial Coin Offerings) or simply invest in cryptocurrencies by themselves.

With Hourpower one of the last dinosaurs of the old HYIP age disappears.  After all, the admins did a good job with their project. It is safe to say, that Hourpower was the longest living HYIP that we were monitoring since April 2017.

10.12.2017 Aurum Bank (Not Paying)

10.12.2017 Aurum Bank (Not Paying)

Aurum Bank got payout problems. This was one the oldest programs that we monitored, starting in April of 2017. There was never any problem with the payouts until the last few days. Two of our last anonymous withdrawal tests failed.

About 90 of the monitors are still showing green paying status.  A lot of users are reporting, that they still get paid for smaller amounts.

But it looks like the program is coming to an end.  We will keep the red status for the program, expect the site to go down during the next days.

Do not invest here

10.08.2017 Racer Forex

10.08.2017 Racer Forex

RacerForex is one of the fastest growing HYIPs during the last 24 hours. The program is online for 3 days now. Perfect time to get in.

For a minimum deposit of 20$ you get 104% after one day.  The next plan gives you 125% after 5 days. With 200% after 10 days things are getting interesting.


You can choose among the standard payment systems which are Perfect-Money, Payeer, AdvCash and of course Bitcoin


Brand new and lots of growth ahead. Not as cool as LaserOnline.

10.07.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

10.07.2017 Laser Online (Paying)

Laser Online is running for 100 days now. It has more than 37000 users which invested more than $17Mio. This is an amazing performance for a program that offers 12% per day. And it shows us what is still possible in the HYIP business when you create a new idea beyond the standard crypto-trading and crypto-mining scam of all the other projects.

Laser Online does not tell you a stupid story about successful crypto trading. It is just what it is: a fun HYIP site that gives you a good feeling to put money into it.  To achieve this goal it is riding the booming 80’s retro wave. Crazy,  but its working.


  • Project key figures
    12% per day for  12 business days.
    Break even after  9 business days.
    144% profit with deposit included.
    Minimum investment 5$.
    Minimum withdrawal 2.5$.
    Automatic withdrawal function.
    Automatic reinvest function.


Laser Online is the winner of the “think outside the box” award. It reminds us what the HYIP business is all about: Just having a good time and enjoy making some money.

This project may end soon, it’s definitely too late to put a lot of money into it. But its still fun to listen to the music on the site.

10.06.2017 Northcoin (Registration)

10.06.2017 Northcoin (Registration)

Northcoin is a short-term HYIP that offers 7% per day for the lifetime of the program. It started on October 4, so there is still some time to get in.  Actually, there are 1645 members, with a fast-growing tendency.

Minimum deposit is 0.005BTC.,  You can make a deposit via Bitcoin only. We tested the payout routine and it is really instant.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005BTC. There are no extra withdrawal fees.


Pure gambling. After the Linecy destaster,which scammed after a few days, it would be fair, if we can reach the break even point with this project

10.05.2017 Garansis (Not Paying)

10.05.2017 Garansis (Not Paying)

Garansis is designed to be a long-term project. But you always have to be very skeptical.  Up to now, all payout tests were successful. But stay careful!


Todays withdrawal request is 5.34$ via Payeer. Request time is 14:50 CET.


UPDATE 10.10.2017
No money received. Program is not paying. This is ridiculous, is far away from reaching the break -even point.


10.05.2017 Phoenix Invest (Not Paying)

10.05.2017 Phoenix Invest (Not Paying)


I registered at Phoenix-Invest on September 12.  I was not talking about this project because I was very skeptical that it could reach the break-even point. I  have little information about this program and I still think it is very risky.


But up to now, all the payments came in without problems. It looks like Phoenix-Invest is growing very stable.  Below you can see the investment plans. Minimum deposit is 50$. This plan will give you 7,8% weekly for 25 weeks. So you will need about 12 weeks to reach your break-even point.


Phoenix-Invest is a big surprise. It started as a very unimpressive site which got low attention from the community. Its still a high-risk program but there is a lot of potential for growth.



Update 10.07.2017

Project stopped paying. Do not put money in here.

10.03.2017 Crypttrade Capital (Not Paying)

10.03.2017 Crypttrade Capital (Not Paying)

Yesterday we talked about the Biznet scam. Biznet told a stupid story that they had to stop payouts because of problems with the Russian government. This is a well known standard excuse when a big HYIP gets liquidity problems.  The simple truth is, that this was a ponzi scheme that ran out of money.

Of course, the death of Biznet has an impact on the whole market. Yesterday, we asked if Resonance Capital or Cryp Trade Capital will follow next.

It looks like we have a winner. Cryp Trade Capital closed the office in Alicante in Spain. A lot of users were claiming withdrawal problems during the last weeks. Now Cryp Trade released the following statement:

  • About a month ago, Cryp Trade Capital announced that due to Bafin (German regulatory) which is the same as the SEC here in the U.S. called for all records of investors who live in there jurisdiction.
    Because Cryp Trade Capital was paying investors through an exchange called AdvCash, it was paying in a regulated currency that gave Bafin authority to request records.
    Cryp Trade Capital since announced to cease the use of advcash and called for all investors to switch to crypto currency wallets for payments. Because crypto currency is un-regulated.
    Unfortunately this caused more confusion, because some investors never funded their CTC account in bitcoin, then attempted to make withdraws in bitcoin and this was not allowed. As a result, a major communication breakdown caused more delays in payments.
    About three weeks ago the Italian CONSOB joined Germany to obtain records on the investors and demanded Crypt Trade Capital to suspend all services until they complied.
    Furthermore, Cryp Trade Capital vacated their headquarters in Alicante, Spain and announced they are moving to the Asian markets. The new headquarters office location has not been officially announced yet, but we do have information that other investors have opened offices in Ukraine and Turkey.
    In conclusion, Cryp Trade Capital is going to pay the investors who are affected by the European ban, but to be compliant with the Bafin and CONSOB, they must first obtain taxpayer identification for each individual prior to sending payment.
    I hope this clears up any confusion.

Sounds familiar to Questra, Biznet and and and….The same stupid story, regulators are causing problems, therefore they have to shut down. Of course,   because Cryp Trade Capital was illegal and traded without Bafin permission. But why should you care about the Bafin and a trading license now? Why shut down now and not 6 months earlier? Because the European market was saturated and cash flow got stuck.  And as HYIPs  always do,  Cryp Trade promises to refund the investors too. Forget your money. Chances are very low that you will see it again. We monitored more than 100 programs during this year and there was only one program refunding. It was ETH-Trade and this was probably the only real trading company.

I can imagine that Cryp Trade Capital will try to continue on the Asian market, because there is a very big demand for the program. But in Europa, it’s 100% over.

There is one lession to learn: In this biz do not trust anybody.

10.02.2017 Biznet (Not Paying)

10.02.2017 Biznet (Not Paying)

Biznet is down. This was one of the biggest long-term HYIPs out there. Biznet was dominating the so-called “trading companies” HYIP market for the last few months.  We forecasted that this day would come, so for readers of our blog, this is not a big surprise. It was nothing more than a ponzi scheme and a  big lie. Forget all the stories about successful trading companies, they can not beat the market. It’s absolutely impossible to make constantly more than 1% per day via trading.

Now, which is the next one? Resonance Capital and Crypttrade Capital? We will find out soon.

10.2.2017 Linecy (Not Paying)

10.2.2017 Linecy (Not Paying)

Linecy is still online. We are checking if the program still pays:

We are requesting a 1$ test amount via Payeer. Request time is 9:47 CET.

Status is pending. We will update this post as soon the money arrives.


No money received. Project is not paying

09.29.2017 Boxchain (Not Paying)

09.29.2017 Boxchain (Not Paying)


Boxchain started on September 27. The project claims that it is investing in storage boxes. But after all, chances are high that this is just a standard HYIP. There a lot of different investment plans reaching from 1.95% per day to 2.4% per day (calendar days).

As you can see below the minimum investment is 0.485 Bitcoin for the 2m plan.  Your profit is 2.05% per day. The investment in the 3m box costs total 0.7055 Bitcoin. This plan gives you 2.1% per day.  If you don’t want to purchase the whole package you can pay 5 rates which lowers your daily profit.  Then the 2m investment plan gives you 1.05% a day for one month. For the next month, you have to pay the next rate of 0.108 otherwise your investment will stop.


The next plans are for the 5m and 10m boxes. 


There are 4 more plans but we skip them because they are beyond reality. It would be quite crazy to invest more than 1 Bitcoin in this project.


  • Minimum deposit 0.0275
  • Deposit via Bitcoin only
  • Daily profit reaching from 1.95%-2.4%
  • Manual withdrawals which can take up to 24 hours.
  • Minimum payout is 0.001BTC
  • Withdrawals have no fee.


There is potential for a long-term investment. The idea of investing in storage boxes is a nice alternative to all the cryptocurrency trading HYIPS that are coming out at the moment. We will follow this project closely.




Update 05.10.2017

Project stopped paying. Do not invest


09.28.2017 Trade Professional LTD (Not Paying)

09.28.2017 Trade Professional LTD (Not Paying)

Trade Professional LTD is an interesting new project that started on September 26.

Trading plans:
There are 3 different investment plans for the trading package:

Newbie: 7,5% weekly. The Plan running for 91 days. So monthly you get about 30%. Total profit after 91 days is about 190% with deposit included.
Minimum investment is 50$

Trader: 11% weekly. The plan is running for 91 days. So monthly you get 44%. Total profit after 91 days is 232% with deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 1001$

Market Maker: 15% weekly. The plan is running for 91 days. So monthly you get 60%. Total profit after 91 days is 280% with deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 5000$

Payout is possible every Saturday.


Mining plans:
The project also allows you to profit via their mining activity. There are three different plans:

Mining starter package: 0,8% daily for 90 days.
You get 24% a month and a total of 172% after 90 days. Deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 10$

Mining pro package: 1% daily for 90 days.
You get 30% a month and a total of 190% after 90 days. Deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 1001$

Mining reinvests: 200% daily after 75 days. No weekly withdrawals possible
You get 30% a month and a total of 190% after 90 days. Deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 250$

Payout is possible every Saturday except for the Mining reinvest plan which is an after-plan

You can deposit via AdvCash, NixMoney, PerfectMoney, Payeer and bitcoin

Live Statistics:
The site offers a live statistic over the actual investments. Actually, there are 123 investors which invested 5727$. We will follow this statistic very closely.

Professional managed long-term project with quite some potential.


Update 10.01.2017

Program stopped paying

09.26.2017 Linecy (Paying)

09.26.2017 Linecy (Paying)

Linecy, the new interesting program. Today we have our first payout test.

We are requesting a small test amount of 0.57$ via Payeer. Request time is 13:37 CET.

Status is pending. As we know, Linecy has manual payouts that could last up to 24 hours. We will update this post, when the transaction is processed.


Money arrived one hour later  at 14:23CET. Linecy is paying out.




09.26.2017 Securecapitals (Not Paying)

09.26.2017 Securecapitals (Not Paying) failed our last payout test. We were monitoring this program since June 2017. After all, Securecapitals had a good performance. Investors that were entering the program in June had no problem to reach the break-even point. Furthermore, they should have been able to make a good profit.

Of course, it’s a sad thing that another program is leaving us. But that’s the nature of this industry that we have to live with.


Status 09.26.2017

09.23.2017 Linecy (Registration)

09.23.2017 Linecy (Registration)

Today I registered at Linecy. It is a promising new program that started on September 22.  In this business, it’s always nice to be one of the first investors. As you know for short-term HYIPs there is one successful strategy only: Get in first, get in big, let the profits run….. and when the masses are coming in, be ready to leave the sinking ship.


Let’s check the plans of Linecy:
As you can see below, there are 9 different investment plans. For the first six plans, you will get your deposit back after the plans expires. For the plans 1.2, 2.2 and 3.2 the deposit is included.  The interesting thing is, that you need to start with a Line 1, Line 2 or Line 3 plan to get access to the next level plan.

For example: If you invest 50$ in the Line 1 plan you earn 0.5$ per day. After 3 days your profit is 1.5$ and you get your 50$ deposit back. After that, you have access to Line 1.1 plan, which will give you 1.3% per day for 9 days. So if you invest 50$ again, you get 0,65$ daily, which is 5.85$  after 9 days + deposit back. Now you have access to Line  1.2.  This one will give you 4.83% daily for 30 days. Here the deposit is included in the daily profits, there is no principal giveback at the end of the investment plan.  That means you need 20,7 days to reach your break-even point. Your net profit is 44.9% after 30 days.

I really like the concept of leveling up the plans. Sure, it will increase the chances for a stable cash flow and hopefully for a long living program.


Payment methods:
Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Perfect-Money, Yandex Money

If you pay via Bitcoin your deposit remains in Bitcoin. So you have no currency risk.

Minimum deposit:

Minimum withdrawal:

Withdrawals are manual, no instant payments. There are no withdrawal fees.


There is quite some potential in Linecy. It looks like a very professional program with experienced admins. We will inform you about the first payout tests as soon as possible

09.20.2017 Hourpower (Paying)

09.20.2017 Hourpower (Paying)


Withdrawal request of  5.15$ via Payeer. Time is 15:06CET

Statement from Payeer follows immediately

Hourpower is paying. They had a lot of difficulties in the last days. But they are still here