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04.05.2017 – Bitcoingolem (Not Paying)

04.05.2017 – Bitcoingolem (Not Paying)



I requested a withdrawal yesterday at about 23:00 CET.  Twelve hours later there is still no sign that Bitcoingolem will pay me.



The unavoidable just happened. Bitcoingolem stopped paying. I could not reach my break-even point (BEP)  with this program. The only good thing is,  the loss is very small.


Status (05.04.2017): 


05.02.2017 – Bitcoin Golem (Paying)

05.02.2017 – Bitcoin Golem (Paying)


Bitcoin Golem is still alive. Thats good news, so lets start another withdrawal. Maybe its the last one, who knows.



I requested 0.002 BTC on 05.01.2017 at 23:34 CET


It takes some time now, but Bitcoin Golem is still paying me out.  The money is on the blockchain about 6 hours later.


Status 05.02.2017:



04.29.2017 – Bitcoin Golem (Paying)

04.29.2017 – Bitcoin Golem (Paying)

To my surprise Bitcoin Golem is still alive. Let’s empty the balance one more time.


Withdrawal request  sent at 20:34 CET.


Today Bitcoin Golem performs the withdrawal request with high speed again. After 30 minutes the transaction is on the blockchain. Good work buddies.


Status 04.29.2017:

04.28.2017 – BitcoinGolem (Paying)

04.28.2017 – BitcoinGolem (Paying)


I registered at on 04.24.2017 and made a small deposit to test the site.

Since then I had two withdrawals. Both were successful. The money transfer via the Bitcoin blockchain was finished within 2 hours.


Now follow  me on the third money transfer  from  to my Bitcoin Wallet.

The minimum withdrawal size is 0.001BTC. So everytime 0.001 is added to the balance we can test if the site pays out.

I requested the withdrawal of 0.001 BTC at 20:31 CET.


It is 21:31 CET.

This time it seems like the process lasts longer.

After one hour the transaction still isn’t on the blockchain.

I publish this blog post now and I will update it as soon the money arrives.



Its 23:28 CET and finally the money is on the blockchain.

It took a while this time but to my surprise BitcoinGolem is paying out one more time.



What is

This looks like a very short living HYIP.

Yes, it was one of the fastest growing programs during the first 3 days.

Yes, it was paying out the first 3 days.

But I would not expect this program to live longer than 5 or 10  days.

7000% after 4 days ? I am curious how they will pay this out.


Status 04.28.2017: