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05.04.2017 – Coinfactory (Not Paying)

05.04.2017 – Coinfactory (Not Paying)


I requested a withdrawal today at 10:55 CET. The request is still pending. This is alarming, because up to now Coinfactory was paying instant.

Be careful with this one. Maybe its to early to judge if Coinfactory scammed. I will keep you up to date.


Update 22:35 CET:
I checked the blockchain if the transaction from coinfactory  might be under confirmation. But no sign of it.

Now its sure: Another HYIP died today and brings me a loss of 0.03 BTC.


Status (05.04.2017):



05.02.2017 – Coinfactory (Paying)

05.02.2017 – Coinfactory (Paying)



Let’s request another withdrawal on –  Today 0.0049 BTC are in the balance. I would like to take all of it.  I press the button  >withdrawal< at 12:04 CET


I get this confirmation screen:


Now let’s wait for the blockchain to get the money transferred


As expected is still paying instant.


Status 05.02.2017:


04.30.2017 – Coinfactory (Paying)

04.30.2017 – Coinfactory (Paying)


I registered a small test account at on 04.27.2017. The deposit was 0.005 BTC. The program promises 7% per day.  Today my balance shows 0.00007 BTC profit. 



You know what’s coming now.  Log in to the site, at the user dashboard click on >Withdraw< to start the withdrawal process. Type in the amount you want to transfer from your balance.


You get  a loud beep sound and this beautiful confirmation window: 


And now comes the fun part. The transaction is on the blockchain almost instant.

As you now, I really love that. Coinfactory will see me again with a bigger deposit.



Status 05.01.2017: